Fall Sports Are Starting: Protect Your Feet

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If you want to enjoy playing your favorite sport all season long then follow these helpful hints to protect against foot injuries.

When it comes to sports, it’s not all that rare for athletes to experience foot injuries and other problems. Fortunately, there are many ways sports injuriesyou can protect your feet from injury while still enjoying everything that the game has to offer. Our Dothan podiatrist Dr. M. Diane Collier offers up some helpful tips for how to keep feet happy while playing sports.

Get a Physical Examination

Prior to starting any sporting season, it’s important that you get a routine physical exam to make sure you are healthy enough for the sport you want to play. If you or your child has sustained a foot injury in the past, no matter whether it was a sprain or a fracture, it’s important that your Dothan foot doctor examines your foot prior to the start of the season. A previously injured foot or ankle may be vulnerable to future injuries, and we can recommend the proper supportive gear to protect feet from further problems.

Choose the Right Shoes

Not all athletic shoes are created equal. Some shoes are great for runners while others are better suited for basketball players. What shoes you choose could mean the difference between spending the season enjoying your favorite sport or being out for an injury. Head to a sporting goods shop or specialty shoe store and talk to someone who will fit you for the proper shoes.

Participate in Exercises and Ample Training

You wouldn’t just go in and take a test without studying first so why would you head out to the field without preparing your body for this strenuous athletic season? Even during the off-season you should be training and conditioning your body for the fall sporting season. And right before you go on for the game give yourself 10 to 15 minutes for light cardio and active stretching to warm up your body to prevent injury.

Sports can be tough on your feet and our Dothan podiatry office is here to help in any way possible so that you don’t find yourself dealing with fractures or other issues. Call Alabama South Family Podiatry today to find out about custom orthotics or other ways we can help preserve foot health in athletes.

End Heel Pain Once and For All

By Alabama South Family Podiatry, June 14, 2016, Category: Podiatry, Tags: Heel Pain

You can’t just walk off heel pain. Find out what you can do to alleviate your symptoms.

Are your daily walks becoming a literal pain? Are you experiencing heel pain that burns, throbs or is persistent? Then isn’t it time you talked to your Dothan podiatrist, Dr. M. Diane Collier, about whether you might have a condition called plantar fasciitis? This foot problem causes inflammation of the plantar fascia (a thick band of tissue that runs along the sole of the foot). Find out ways to combat your plantar fasciitis-related heel pain.

Choose Your Relief

There are a few different ways to ease your plantar fasciitis pain. Many people find relief through over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, which can help reduce both pain and inflammation. If these OTC options aren’t enough then it might be time to talk to your Dothan foot doctor Dr. Collier about a stronger medication to tackle your heel pain.

If you aren’t one for medication, then you may want to turn to icing to ease your pain and swelling. Icing your heel for 15 minutes at a time a couple times a day can go a long way to improving your foot comfort.

Incorporate Daily Exercises

When we talk about plantar fasciitis exercises we aren’t talking about running or lifting weights. Instead, some of these exercises are designed to help stretch and strengthen the tissue. Are these exercises not providing enough relief? Then it’s time to give us a call and schedule an appointment. We would be happy to show you some other exercises that can help eliminate your heel pain over time.

Seeing your Dothan, AL Podiatrist

Sometimes, no matter how many conservative at-home measures you try nothing seems to give you the relief you deserve. If this is the case then it’s time you visited us. While some of the above methods can help the majority of people dealing with plantar fasciitis, sometimes patients may need to consider other options including wearing a night splint, custom orthotics or taking on physical therapy. Talk to us! We can steer you in the right direction.

If you are dealing with heel pain and want to get to the bottom of it then it’s time you turned to the foot care experts in Dothan. Call Alabama South Family Podiatry today to get the tender loving care your feet deserve.

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